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Lighthouse Digital is a full-service digital signage company providing end to end digital advertising and marketing solutions for New Zealand businesses. Based in Auckland, we work with clients throughout New Zealand and are constantly expanding our network of screens.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, quality products, and can-do attitude.

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How We Connect Your Business With Your Customers


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Marina TV

Marina TV is the leading digital display system for marine businesses throughout New Zealand. With access to limitless sources of custom marine content, your business will become the hub for local marine activity.


Digital Signs

Grow your business and engage your customers like never before, with dynamic menus, promotions and video. Proven abilities to lower cost, removing designer and print shop cost, plus being able to visually display products for potential upsells.


Garden TV

Garden TV caters to businesses in the landscaping and gardening trade throughout New Zealand. We partnered with Palmers as an ambassador for Garden TV and our advertisers are enjoying the benefits of having their business promoted at each Palmer’s store.


Electronic Menu Boards

Create eye-catching signage to engage customers and draw attention to your café, restaurant or bar. With dynamic menus, promotions and videos, you can improve customer communications, leading to upsell potential, advertising and promotions!


Trade TV

Trade TV caters to businesses in the DIY, building, construction and maintenance trade throughout New Zealand. We can target your customers and expand your reach in a targeted manager by promoting your business at relevant stores.

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Management & Support

We are experienced in running multiple types of software, including LG, Samsung and LightVision. If you need help with setup, maintenance or design, we are more then capable in assisting.



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